Costly Silence

Chu Gregory v Yick Ngai Logistics (HK) Company Limited [2021] HKDC 463
DCPI 110/2020, Master Matthew Leung in Chambers, 30 April 2021

Wisdom Newsletter-Arbitration-issue-39

Beware of Getting Off on the Wrong Foot

In the matter of the Arbitration Ordinance, Cap 609 and In the matter of an Arbitration between: AB v CD, HCCT 27/2020, Hon Mimmie Chan J in Chambers, 4 February 2021



Law Chung Tai v. Sun Profit Logistics (HK) Limited and anr., DCEC No. 606 of 2019, H.H. Judge Levy, 15th July 2020. Fact The Applicant of this case claimed against his employer, Sun Profit Logistics (HK) Limited (“Sun Profit”) in respect of an accident occurred in the course of employment on 12th September 2018.  Falcon Insurance Company (Hong Kong) Limited (“Falcon”) was Sun Profit’s insurer.

Wisdom Newsletter – Shipping (Issue 37)

Anti-Suit Injunction: Is multiplicity of proceedings necessarily unconscionable?

Plain Sail Holdings Ltd v Lau Wing Yan [2020] HKCFI 653 This case concerns an application by the Plaintiffs for order restraining the Defendants from pursuing proceedings against the Plaintiffs in relation to vessels formerly known as MV “BBG Hope” and MV “BBG Glory” (“Vessels”) and specifically certain proceedings commenced against the Plaintiffs in Second Maritime Court in Panama (“Panama Proceedings”).

Wisdom Newsletter – Personal Injury (Issue 36)


In the matter of an EC Application between Hui Po Chi v. Trade Travel (Hong Kong) Limited, DCEC No. 406 of 2017, H.H. Judge Levy, 9th September 2020.

Wisdom Newsletter – Shipping (Issue 35)

AN ARBITRATION AGREEMENT IS NOT AN UNBREAKABLE SHIELD IN WINDING-UP PROCEEDINGS Dayang (HK) Marine Shipping Co., Ltd v. Asia Master Logistics Ltd, HCCW 14/2019, [2020] HKCFI 311, Deputy High Court Judge William Wong SC in Court, 12 March 2020.

Wisdom Newsletter – Personal Injury (Issue 34)

Who is more powerful? Wong Chun Wah v. Chau Kwei Yin, Chow Yat Kuen, Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board, FACV No. 6 of 2019, Chief Justice Ma, Mr. Justice Ribeiro PJ, Mr. Justice Fok PJ, Mr. Justice Stock NPJ and Madam Justice McLachlin NPJ, 20th December 2019. TWO QUESTIONS OF GREAT PRACTICAL IMPORTANCE TO THE OPERATION OF THE EMPLOYEES COMPENSATION ASSISTANCE FUND BOARD (“ECAS”)

Wisdom Newsletter – Shipping (Issue 33)

Bright Shipping Limited (P) v Changhong Group (HK) Limited (D) [2019] HKCA 1062, CACV No. 102 of 2019 Background On 6 January 2018, there was a collision between D’s cargo vessel “CF CRYSTAL” and P’s tanker “SANCHI” on the high seas but within the exclusive economic zones (“EEZs”) of the PRC, South Korea and Japan. On 9 January 2018, D commenced inter-ship proceedings against P in the Shanghai Maritime Court (“SMC”) and applied to establish in the SMC 2 limitation funds, one for personal injury and one for property. At the same time, P commenced an in personam action against D in Hong Kong for collision liability and quantum because D is a Hong Kong incorporated company with a registered office in Hong Kong.

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Wisdom Newsletter – Arbitration
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